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Crayon Art

My nephew Isaac has been visiting for a few days, as it is school holidays here in Australia. I had wanted to try out melting crayons on a canvas so I thought this would be a great project for the both of us.

First we painted the canvases with white acrylic paint. After this had dried we laid out the crayons in the order we wanted.

Next using a craft knife I sliced down each crayons side to allow us to take the paper wrapper from each crayon.

We glued them to the top of the canvas with hot glue and then using a hair dryer we melted the crayons a little at a time. I had tried my craft heat gun but it was so effective the crayons melted faster than we wanted.
Some crayons decided that they were not going to melt at all. Trying to heat them only further melted those around it.

Isaac was very happy with his masterpiece.

I was happy with mine too. Though I think if I was to do it again I'd try leaving the wrappers on and seeing how that turned out. It will now hang on my wall with pride.

Kellie 0:)


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